The Power of Non Formal Education 2022

A training seminar is taking place in Portugal between 8th – 12th April 2022.

This seminar aims in Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe).

The aim of this seminar will be to:

– To stimulate the participants to feel and reflect about the power of non-formal education (=NFE) by experiencing different kind of non-formal educational methods.
– To analyze the role and reception of NFE in our different countries within a common Europe..
– To react against the growing consuming approaches towards young people in the non-formal education field.
– To explore meanings, roles and complementarities of different educational approaches and methods (formal, non-formal, informal).
– To reconsider daily youth work practices.
– To understand the principles of program building and NFE within Erasmus+ Youth.

The participants should be at least 19 years old

The deadline for applying is on 9th March 2022. For the application, click on the this link.