The future of Europe – Europe is your future! Pupils’ participation in democratic life

Between 27th– 28th February 2023, an online training opportunity called The future of Europe – Europe is your future! Pupils’ participation in democratic life” aimed for pupils at the age of 14-17 years of age.

Themes and goals:

The participation of young people in democratic processes is of paramount importance for the European Union’s future. On one hand young people are increasingly involved in ‘alternative forms’ of participation, but on the other hand many young people feel disconnected from our democratic structures and institutions.

Expected results:

This online event is designed as a barcamp where teachers and pupils can actively bring in ideas for exchange, get to know teachers and pupils from other countries, get information about the funding programme Erasmus+ and learn how it works by experienced teacher and pupils.

The draft programme can be found here.

Additional information:

Once the participating teachers in each country have been selected by the respective NA, they are asked to register themselves and their two pupils on the platform Sphinx. In the next step, the participants are invited to the event platform Venueless. There, they can introduce themselves with a profile and propose ideas for collaboration. The ideas will be presented at the barcamp and, depending on the interest of all participants, they will find their way into the programme.

Take note: the Barcamp is hosted via the event platform Venueless on servers in Germany (Heidelberg) and is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Target group :
Teachers with their pupils aged 14 to 17, newcomer and experienced teachers with Erasmus+, especially with long term pupil mobility.
All participants should be willing to participate actively in the discussions, so everyone should have sufficient English skills. There are several ways to be active, e. g.:

  • Teachers or pupils present their topics, ideas or reports in sessions. The contributions can be submitted to the event platform from mid-January 2023
  • Teachers and pupils who have done Erasmus+ activities, especially long-term pupil mobilities, share their experience to their colleagues / peers
  • Pupils can act as moderators in sessions. For those who have interest to be a moderator must take part in a workshop held by a professional one week before the online event starts

Application deadline: 15.01.2023

If you are interested in applying, please do so through:

Please keep in mind you need to register on the Salto platform before applying. When registering, please be sure to select MT01 European Union Programmes Agency as Sending National Agency.