The European Year of Youth 2022

What is the European Year of Youth?

Make your voice heard! 2022 is the European Year of Youth, shining a light on the importance of European youth to build a better future – greener, more inclusive and digital. With plenty of opportunities to learn, share your vision, meet people and engage in activities all over Europe, the European Year of Youth is the moment to move forward with confidence and hope in a post-pandemic perspective.

This includes a number of policy initiatives which youths can join in green policy, health, digitalistion, culture, employment and inclusion and so on.

One such initiative is Energy for youth,  which gives students aged 12 to 15 from all EU countries are invited to create a short video for social media (story or gif) about how they can save energy in their daily lives, teaching their relatives, friends, neighbours and the whole world about the benefits of saving energy and encouraging the use of energy-efficient alternatives for heating, cooling, transport, and other daily activities. The objective is to increase the level of awareness and understanding on energy efficiency.

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