TCA in field for SE: “Towards high quality in school education mobility projects – a dialogue between coordinators of accredited mobility consortia, course providers and National Agencies”

TCA in field for SE “Partnerships for Cooperation– how to plan an excellent project for special schools and mainstream schools working with children with disabilities” to be held online between 6th-15th June 2022.

Themes and goals:

This online TCA is organized within the frame of horizontal priority for inclusion.

A main goal of the event is to support teachers and headmasters in professionalization of their knowledge and skills within planning and realization of educational international cooperation projects in areas of:

  • inner logic of the project;
  • quality of partnership;
  • learning mobilities;
  • dissemination and sustainability of project results.

Participants will work in teams on the draft of projects concerning their interest. Groups will have possibility to choose themes of the projects important from the point of view of their institutions and local communities.


Expected results:

  • Participants will broaden their knowledge and skills concerning project planning.
  • Participants will find partners for projects and will create drafts of projects.


Target group :

Headmasters and teachers of special schools for handicapped children and mainstreem schools working with children with disabilities interested in realization of projects in the framework of Erasmus+ programme, key action 2, being able working in English during the workshops.


Application deadline: 12.05.2022

If you are interested in applying, please do so through:


Please keep in mind you need to register on the Salto platform before applying. When registering, please be sure to select MT01 European Union Programmes Agency as Sending National Agency.