National Tool Fair

29th September 2018 | Malta

In preparation for this 2018’s edition of the International Tool Fair being held in Split, Croatia, the Maltese National Agency is holding a National Tool Fair, from which participants will be selected to attend the International Tool Fair and present their new youth work tools. The National Tool Fair will be held Saturday 29th September.

The theme for both the International and National Tool Fairs this year is ~PowerUp! with a focus on Human Rights, Active Participation, Intercultural Dialogue, Social Inclusion & Mental Health.

Applicants involved in the youth field, who have a new tool to propose, particularly concerning the above themes can submit their tools through the attached application form. Upon being selected they will receive further information concerning the National Tool Fair being held on Saturday 29th September where they will have the opportunity to show case their tools. At the end of the National Tool Fair 3 participants and their tools will be selected to attend the International Tool Fair in Croatia.

Below one can find information related to the International Tool Fair:

Should you require further information or assistance, kindly do not hesitate to contact Mr. David Pace on

Tool Fair Application Form

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Target group*
Age range and (if any specific) characteristics of the group of participants

The general purpose of the tool in an educative/training situation.

The concrete learning or educational objectives or goals that the tool seeks to achieve. They should be concrete and multiple.

Materials and resources*
Please list the materials needed and the quantity you presume necessary for implementing the tool with the number of participants you mentioned. Cite here links (URL) to music suggested for the tool.

Step by step process*
Description, including clear instructions and materials needed, of the different steps of the tool.

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