During the last programming period (2014 – 2020) EUPA had distributed more than 11.6 M Euro worth of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps funding amongst the islands of Malta and Gozo. These funded projects ranged from organisations pertaining to the education and training sector and the field of youth.

2021 marked not only a new year but a new programming period, 2021-2027. This programming period began with great stride as the agency managed to attract 58 successful project applications with a total funding value exceeding 7 M Euro. This funding will aid in project implementation throughout several fields such as, primary, secondary and post secondary schooling, higher education institutions, vocational education and training, adult education and youth.

EUPA is proud to be a driver in the new programming period, whilst striving to further make inclusion, diversity, digital transformation, environmental sustainability and youth participation all major priorities of any projects that are awarded European Funding. The Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Dr Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, stated that he is greatly satisfied with the amount of project sustainability and congratulated all those being awarded with funding in this round. Furthermore, he also emphasised that we will continue striving to achieve greater results in all sectors, particularly in the youth sector.

Despite several pandemic related issues such as travel restrictions, the agency is rather satisfied with the participation of both Maltese and Gozitan individuals, who still strove to participate in Erasmus+ projects, which give the opportunity for these individuals to study and educate themselves beyond our countries borders.

In the years to come, EUPA will be facilitating applicants and current beneficiaries to ensure good project implementation. Furthermore, EUPA believes that these funds will continuously aid organisations to achieve their goals on both a national and European level.

In the coming months, the agency will be releasing another call for applications. This funding round will be at nearly 5 M Euro. We strongly encourage all those that wish to apply to attend any info sessions held by EUPA or kindly contact EUPA on [email protected] or on the below numbers:

Higher Education & School Education – 99307609

Youth & ESC – 99307403

Adult Education & Vocational Education and Training – 99307496

General – 99019457