Launch of the Online Pilot Course ‘MCAST Undergraduate Certificate in Restorative Practices’

On Thursday 29th October, the Pilot Course ‘MCAST Undergraduate Certificate in Restorative Practices’ will be launched. This EQF Level 5 part-time online training in Restorative Practices is the first of its kind in the European Union and has been developed within the framework of the Project TReP – Professional Training in Restorative Practices, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


The International Consortium behind the project design and course development comprises of 6 partners, namely, Solidarity Overseas Service Malta (SOS Malta), Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST), The ChildhoodDevelopment Initiative (CDI), Partner Bulgaria Foundation (PBF), SGM Solutions & Global Media GmbH (SGM) and Brainshuttle.


The Launch represents a milestone for the project embodying the result of the past two years, in which the consortium worked towards the creation and testing of the course. In order to ensure the course is of added value, the project started with a research ‘Regional Report’, which includes a summary on the history and use of restorative practices in the partner countries and recommendations on how to move forward.  The findings of the research report were used to guide the development of the course content and modules.


The pilot course is targeted at professionals working with people, such as social workers, psychologists, human resource managers, police personnel, law officials etc. It aims at providing professionals with additional tools​and skills, to develop restorative ​responses to conflict,  minimise the occurrence of aggressive, violent, bullying and other harmful behaviors and establish the social capital required to maintain effective and positive communities.


The Main highlights of the Launch will include:

1) A presentation of the overall project and insights into the TReP Regional Report
2) A presentation on ‘What is Restorative Practices’ ?
3) A Guide to the Pilot Course – Level 5 Award In Restorative Practices


You may register for the event here and follow launch updates via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Registrations for the Launch of the Pilot Course are open until 27 October 2020.