Long-term study mobility (school exchange partnerships)

The NA invites you to participate in a TCA opportunity in the field of School Education entitled “Long-term study mobility (school exchange partnerships)” which will be held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain on 24 – 27 October 2018.


Long-term mobility reinforces the cooperation between participating schools in KA2, namely in School Exchange Partnerships (KA229), contributes to the impact of the activities on the institutional level, and offers enormous potential towards the internationalisation and opening up of schools. From the pupils point of view, the activity allows to develop their understanding of the diversity of European cultures and languages, and helps them acquire competences necessary for their personal development. Long-term study mobility of pupils can also be a valuable international pedagogical experience for schools and teachers involved.


Long-term mobility is somehow overlooked within the KA2 project design. However,  the activity offers pupils and teachers a wide repertoire of opportunities: distinct cultural perspectives, new educational environments and teaching practices, new social atmospheres,  better understanding and appreciation for other nation’s people and history, and of course a lot of room for personal growth.


Thus this contact seminar aims at:

  • Working on the added value of long-term study mobility of pupils.
  • Providing working srategies to manage long-term mobility of pupils.
  • Defining tools to improve and measure the impact on schools.
  • Show-casing good practices.
  • Creating a networking environment which facilitates finding partners for the Erasmus+ call 2019.
  • Helping potential applicants to work on preliminary project drafts.


Expected results: Participants will find motivated partners and will jointly draft good quality KA2 project proposals for the next Erasmus+ selection round. These proposals will include long-term mobility of pupils.


Participants should be interested in gathering more information on long term mobilities, and interested in working on such Erasmus+ projects in the future.


Should you be interested in participating you are kindly requested to send your TCA application form to Janelle Camilleri (Janelle.camilleri@gov.mt) by no later than 21 September 2018.