Join The Fourth European Education Summit

EU will be organising the Fourth European Education Summit (Online event),this is the flagship event of the European Education Area. The summit will gather participants from across the union to discuss on how to improve the education sector, especially after the challenge brought by the Pandemic.

When will it take place?

9th December 2021, from 9.30am – 17.00pm 

The summit will be split into two: a morning session and an afternoon session.

What are the topics the summit will focus on? 

  • How can the education sector be improved to the benefit of all?
  • How can education be made more inclusive and fair – from early childhood education and care to higher education and adult learning?
  • How can the well-being of teachers and pupils be improved?
  • How can smart investment lead to high-quality education and training?
  • What can be done to progress the green and digital transformations of the sector?

Links for more information: 

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