European Year of Youth Activity Scheme 

To celebrate the European Year of Youth 2022, EUPA has launched a scheme to fund activities and projects that enable young people to come up with activities to empower them or support their community or to support youth organisations in creating new ideas to further engage with young people and to showcase their ongoing work.


What type of activities or projects can be funded?  

Any activity taking place in Malta before 31 December 2022 that supports young people’s engagement and active participation within their community. Activities can include a workshop, a music event, an art exhibition, a photo competition, a mini festival, an online campaigns or an information session, amongst others.  However, this is entirely up to you. You can be creative as much as you like!

Who can apply? 

Youth organisations, NGO’s and informal groups of young people.


How much funding is available?  

The grant received depends on the scale of your idea. In your application, you will be asked to indicate the estimated cost of your project. There are three bands:

  • Small: up to €500
  • Medium: €500-€1,500
  • Large: €1,500-€3,000


You will need to give more detail about your activities if you apply for a larger band of funding.


The amounts are given as a lump sum.


You will receive 80% of the grant upfront.  You will receive the final 20% when you:

  • complete your activity/project
  • submit a satisfactory final report and documentary evidence to EUPA.

What is a final report and what do you mean by ‘documentary evidence’? 

A final report is a written report explaining your activities and outcomes. It will have a similar format and level of detail as the application form.

Documentary evidence can be provided in the following formats: blog posts, videos, photographs, social media posts showing the results of your event/project, and so on.

When do we apply? 

Applications are to be submitted by 31st July 2022


You do not need to wait for the deadlines to submit your proposal as this is an ongoing scheme.


The scheme can close earlier if the funds are exhausted.


Complete the application and submit to Mr David Pace[email protected] and EUPA[email protected]


For further information contact Mr David Pace on [email protected] or 2555 2319