Erasmus Days returns for its 6th Edition in 2022

What are #ErasmusDays?

13,14 & 15 October 2022: Three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond during the #ErasmusDays. Since its inception in 2017, beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ programme have turned these three days into an event that showcases their European experiences and brings all stakeholder groups together: students, teachers, parents, associations, local elected representatives, journalists, and so on. It us a unique opportunity to organize an event, share your Erasmus experience or spread the word about your project.

In the 5th #ErasmusDays that took place last year, more than 5,670 events were registered in 67 different countries despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What event can I organise for #ErasmusDays?

Each stakeholder is free to organise any kind of #ErasmusDays event.  Events can be both online or face to face and can be in the form of exhibitions, concerts, contests, seminars, partner networking, open days, distribution of Europass Mobility documents, digital events etc. The success of the #ErasmusDays is bottom up: it means that local events are organized by and for citizens.

Why Should I organise an event this year?

Organising an #ErasmusDays event will give you the chance to share your experience, organize an event or spread the word about your project. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to strengthen and reshape trust towards the Erasmus+ programme.

Contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this event.