Embrace inclusion and diversity in your Erasmus+ projects

Inclusion and diversity is a main priority for all applicants that wish to apply for Erasmus+ funding. For those that are interested in providing the best possible opportunities in inclusion and diversity, a TCA is being organised in Zagreb, Croatia, focusing on this Erasmus priority.

The training session, Embrace inclusion and diversity in your Erasmus+ projects!, is being offered to beneficiaries in the fields of  SE,VET, HE and AE . This will be taking place on 15th-18th November 2022 and it will take the form of a hybrid event.

The seminar will include panel discussions, experts’ presentations, trainings and workshops for KA1 and KA2 beneficiaries.

The training session aims to increase the capacities of LTA participants to improve the inclusion and diversity dimension in their current and future Erasmus+ projects:

  • Establish a common understanding of those who may be considered people with fewer opportunities and set up a coherent framework for including them in the program
  • Developing educational activities and materials for beneficiaries in order to convey ways of involving participants with fewer opportunities in programme activities
  • Promoting good practice examples and maintaining the good practice collection related to projects fostering inclusion and diversity through direct involvement of participants with fewer opportunities and/or focusing on inclusion and diversity topic
  • Providing a communication channel (platform) for exchange of ideas and networking opportunities
  • Providing NAs` and experts` additional support in identifying various areas for improvement and enable valuable sharing of ideas among participants

For a further idea on what will be happening in the event, press the following link for the draft agenda

Application deadline: 02.09.2022

If you are interested in applying, please do so through: https://salto-et.net/events/show/HR01_0413_THO_2022

Please keep in mind you need to register on the Salto platform before applying. When registering, please be sure to select MT01 European Union Programmes Agency as Sending National Agency.