Document on Good Practices of KA2 Projects of 2021 in MedNet Countries Now Published

The 2021 document on good practices for projects in KA2 for MedNet Countries has now been published.

The project results are grouped per sector (School, VET, HE, Adult), according to the four main priorities of the current Erasmus+ Programme (2021-2027), European Identity & Active citizenship, Digital and Green Erasmus, Inclusion & Diversity, in order to underline the link between the two Programme periods.

These projects aim at the development and strengthening of transnational collaborations between organizations active in the fields of education, training or other socio-economic fields with the aim of exchanging experience in international cooperation, strengthening their capabilities and achieving high quality innovative results. Partnerships for cooperation should be relevant to the horizontal and sectoral priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme, both at European and national level, while aiming to create incentives for cross-sectoral and horizontal cooperation in thematic areas.

This document is a good reference for anyone that want to apply for Erasmus+ in KA2 as it would give you ideas on what can be done for a proposed project in this key action.

The document can be found in the following link: Good Practices_MedNetCountries_2021