Contact Seminar on developing eTwinning KA2 projects for language development

The Maltese NA is pleased to inform that it is hosting a Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) in the field of School Education entitled; “Contact Seminar on developing eTwinning KA2 projects for language development” which is going to be held between 16-17 October 2018.



  • The seminar is targeted at Heads of Schools, teachers and educators of pre-primary, primary, secondary and post secondary schools.
  • Participants should be interested in acquiring more information on KA2 eTwinning projects, with a particular, though not exclusive, interest in language development.
  • Both newcomers and those with experiences of Erasmus+ projects within the defined topic are welcome
  • Participants should be willing to exchange good practises and create partnerships for future Erasmus + KA229 School Education projects.


The main objectives:

  • Provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge, good practices and experiences related to different aspects of School Education Erasmus+ projects, with a special focus on projects related to KA2 eTwinning Projects related to, but not exclusively, to the priority of language development;
  • Analyse the needs of project coordinators at application stage including the full understanding of the main priorities in the School Education sector, the development of an internationalisation strategy and quality framework;
  • Elaborate proposals to improve the quality of project implementation;
  • Analyse the different aspects of the coordinators’ daily activity in relation to eTwinning projects that target language development;
  • Provide opportunities for networking and for the development of project ideas and the eventual writing of the application form.


Main Topics of Seminar:

  • Erasmus+ projects in the field of KA2 eTwinning projects in the field of School Education priorities and objectives;
  • Exploring the priority of language development;
  • How to focus on language development as the main theme of an eTwinning project?
  • The needs of project coordinators at application stage;
  • The needs and challenges faced by project coordinators during project implementation;
  • Enhance capacity building through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices;
  • Explore modes of enhancing impact of eTwinning projects within the school environment and beyond;
  • Explore possibility of developing collaborations for future eTwinning projects;
  • Explore promotional tools, which can be utilised to enhance dissemination of eTwinning projects targeting the specific topic of language development.

Expected results: networking, new partnerships, new project ideas for Erasmus+ KA2 eTwinning projects in the field of school education, draft applications and the eventual increased participation of schools in eTwinning projects targeting the Erasmus+ priority of language development.


Those interested in participating are kindly requested to contact Ms Janelle Camilleri via email ( by no later than 27 August 2018. Any questions are also to be directed to Ms Camilleri.