Vacancy: Call for Trainer – Extended Deadline to 23 August 2021

Call for Trainer Extended Deadline to 23 August 2021

The Erasmus Programme as a mechanism for inclusion for people with fewer opportunities
A 2-half day virtual seminar (19 – 20th October) for cross sectoral i.e School Education, Higher Education, Adult Education and Vocational and Education Training beneficiaries, which are experienced in inclusion and Erasmus+ Projects, is being organised by the Maltese National Agency (“MT NA”). The TCA will focus on providing participants with further information on the ways and means through which they can foster inclusivity within their projects and, thus develop stronger inclusion strategies. The main aim for the TCA is to further encourage inclusivity for people with fewer opportunities. The main objectives:
• Provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge, good practices and experiences related to Erasmus+ Programme, particularly, but not limited to, the development of high-quality inclusion strategies;
• An insight on the additional challenges faced by beneficiaries will also be provided;
• Explore the ways and means through which beneficiaries can ensure more inclusivity for people with fewer opportunities in the planning and implementation of their projects.
• Analyse the ways and means of how to successfully tap into different budget envelopes.
• Analyse how to set more ambitious targets for future calls;
• Analyse how to measure the outcomes of such projects, and their impact on both the applicant institution and the partner countries;
• Provide opportunities for networking.

Target group: 

The seminar is targeted at cross sectoral beneficiaries i.e School Education, Higher Education, Adult Education and Vocational and Education Training, who are interested in developing stronger inclusion strategies and would like share good practices and strategies in order to target people with fewer opportunities; • Participants should be willing to exchange good practises.

The Trainer will be responsible for the programme flow, methodology and final report.
The MT NA will take care of the organisational part of the training (concept, promotion of the training, co-operation amongst NAs, recruitment of participants and logistics).

Profile of trainer:
The EUPA is seeking to engage a total of three (3) trainers. The Ideal Trainer is expected to:
– Have a thorough and extensive knowledge on the Erasmus+ programme, particularly in the field of Inclusion;
– Be knowledgeable on one or two sectors from the following: School Education, Higher Education, Adult Education and Vocational and Education Training
– Have the competence to include a European Dimension in the training to develop the necessary knowhow on the values and purposes of the Erasmus+ Programme, particularly relating to the Erasmus+ Programme as a mechanism for inclusion for people with fewer opportunities;
– Use interactive, non-formal skills and methods in delivery of the virtual seminar.
– Assist the NA in drafting the training programme and activities;
– Have experience in training an international team of participants;
– Have experience in the delivery of a virtual seminar;
– Be fluent in spoken and written English.
Duties/Tasks of Trainer:
The duties and tasks of the trainer include the following:
– Participate in a virtual preparatory meeting (July 2021);
– Be present throughout the whole virtual seminar;
– Design, prepare, deliver and evaluate the training course together with the MT NA members;
– Deliver the training content to be through the whole seminar (19 -20th October);
– Participate in the pre-training preparations;
– Produce a final report.

Payment to Trainer:
i. The Trainer shall be paid up to Eur560; being the maximum of 2 paid days, based on remuneration of €280 per day, as follows:
– 2 half days virtual seminar;
– 1 day preparatory activities – comprising individual and team preparation, prep-meeting, on-going and final evaluation directly after the seminar, and final report.
ii. Time utilised for Prep-meeting and for the drafting of the final report is not paid extra.
iii. Trainer shall be required to submit 2 Requests for Payment; the first one for the pre-financing amount and the second one for the final payment amount. The latter is to be submitted together with the Final Report. The approval will be subject to the favourable assessment of the Final Report.

Application procedure & deadline:
Interested Trainers are required to submit their Europass CV accompanied by a covering letter outlining their motivation together as well as describing their knowledge and experience in Erasmus+ with special focus on inclusion. Submissions are to be sent to by Monday 23rd August 2021.

For more information on the call, please contact Nathalie Buttigieg on: or Hazel Rafferty at

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