Digital Inclusion in School Education

The MT NA is pleased to announce that will host TCA “Digital Inclusion in School Education” between 25th-27th October 2023 in Malta.

Themes and goals:

Due to rapid technological development and a growing need for sustainability, digital teaching and learning in education is a priority.

The event aims to improve digital awareness and skills and competences in digital-inclusion.  This training will also support inclusion with digital tools and methodology and ways on how to use them strategically in future E+ projects.

The objectives of the TCA are:

  • Familiarise participants with possible impacts of virtual / digital implementation on inclusion project outputs
  • Familiarise participants with the results of our one-year Digitalisation LTA Research so that they can use them during the implementation of their own projects
  • Provide participants with perspective by introducing successful virtual implementation practices in the field of inclusion

Expected Results:

In order to become more able to involve people with fewer opportunities, best practices shall be shared with the participants that support inclusion with digital / virtual tools and methodology  (also, sociodrama as an impact measure on social inclusion with people living in vulnerable situations will be introduced and used).

Target group:

SE KA2 projects holders willing to contribute to the dissolving of the digital divide: more precisely – social inclusion project owners in school education with experience in virtual implementation within projects.

Application deadline: 26.05.2023

If you are interested in plying, please do so through: