The 6th edition of the #ErasmusDays, has just been launched.

13th, 14th and 15th of October 2022: Three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond during the #ErasmusDays. A unique opportunity to organize an event, share your Erasmus experience or spread the word about your project.


Why Should I organise an event this year?

This year, more than ever, the #ErasmusDays are essential in order to show the strength and importance of the Erasmus+ programme. The 2022 edition, in line with the European Year of Youth, will therefore highlight the theme, “Sharing our European values, with the youth of today and tomorrow: for 35 years now and many more to come”. Erasmus+ stakeholders are strongly encouraged to make the most of these 3 days in order to promote Erasmus+ at a local, national and international level. All activities, no matter the theme, small or big, physical or digital, are welcome. This is the time to demonstrate the capacity of Erasmus+ to unite and federate people from different countries around common values and goals.


What event can I organise for #ErasmusDays?

The #ErasmusDays will give you the chance to share your experience, organize an event or spread the word about your project. Erasmus+ project beneficiaries and European players are free to organize the event of their choice depending on their own strategy. For ideas on the type of activities that can be organized, please consult our review of the 2021 edition. The success of the #ErasmusDays is bottom up: it means that local events are organized by and for citizens.


Where to register an event?

Participants may register their events on the ErasmusDays website as of 9th May.