Call for External Experts for the Erasmus+ Programme (2021)

The European Union Programmes Agency is designated as the Malta National Agency for the promotion, implementation and management of the Erasmus+ and ESC Programmes in Malta.

This call is for the engagement of External Experts to evaluate applications for projects received under the Erasmus+ Programme for Malta. Suitable candidates must have proven experience in the (i) School Education, (ii) Higher Education, (iii) Vocational Education and Training or (iv) Adult Education Sectors.

The role of the External Expert is to evaluate applications in a fair and objective manner in accordance with the objectives and priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide and the Erasmus+ Guide for Experts on Quality Assessment.

Interested individuals are invited to view the terms of call and access the application form at:

Call for External Experts 2021

Application Form for Call of External Experts 2021