Youthpass Tools for Employability

Training Course
10th -16th September 2016 | Mollina (Málaga), Spain


This training course comes from the need of youth organisations, youth groups and government working with the ERASMUS+ Programme, to develop and improve employability conditions and opportunities in international youth work for both the benefit of the youth workers and the young people they work with.


The aim of this TC is to offer a space to discuss the common points between the Youthpass process and the Human Resource Development (HRD) training and learning cycles to provide better understanding of Youthpass and its potential uses to support youth employability within the framework of strength-based approaches to change.


– Explore how Youthpass and other recognition and validation tools may fit into HRD and vice versa to improve youth employability prospects.
– Recognise opportunities and possibilities for development of tools and methods for recognition and validation within HRD, strength-based approaches and Youthpass.
– Develop opportunities for employability based on strengths and existing competences within the Youthpass and HRD practices.
– Exchange best practices and experiences to improve the quality of youth work and employability.
– Broaden the range of views and application of Youthpass and HRD.
– Increase the transferability of methods and learning tools between youth work and the HRD practice.
– Disseminate and raise awareness of Youthpass as a learning tool for professional and personal development with potential employers and their organisations.

– Promote the integration of Youthpass or similar certificates into the workplace as entry-level tools for young people.

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Application deadline: 10th July, 2016

Date of selection: 19th July, 2016


This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.