Youthpass learning agora


12th – 16th May 2015

La Rochelle, France

SALTO T&C RC, together with the French and the German NA for E+: YiA is looking for youth worker, researcher, trainer, facilitator of learning, university teaching staff… – for a seminar on the optimal conditions for the creation of centres of learning.

“Youthpass learning agora” will be a seminar aiming to
– explore how centres of learning should look nowadays to accompany learners in their pathways,
– present and discuss the set-up of centres of learning to develop life skills, which include professional, personal and key competences,
– discuss and explore different understandings of learning, practised around Europe with a specific focus on the role of reflection, and
– explore and discuss as well what this all means for making learning visible and recognised in modern societies.

The seminar will open an “agora” in the classical Greek meaning, opening a market place, where things are on offer, where people can buy things for daily nutrition and life, where people come together to talk, to share and exchange the latest news, to gossip and of course these are also places where you can learn things, taste, try out, experience and reflect. We know that even at this stage of the Erasmus+ programme there is a number of long-term projects looking at these cross-sectorial issues, therefore the seminar will be an ideal agora for exchanging preliminary findings and for cross-fertilisation. The seminar programme gives much space for this!

The organisers want to gather up to 35 people interested in learning processes and centres of learning – especially those linking non-formal and formal settings from all over Europe, experienced as youth worker, researcher, trainer, facilitator of learning, university teaching staff… – working in the field of education and training with target age groups of 13-30 years old.

Application deadline: 22nd March 2015

Date of Selection: 30th March 2015

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This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.