Youth Exchange and Training Course in Turkey

Training Course

Lead youngsters to be an entrepreneur and a volunteer

15-21 August , Adana, Turkey

Within the context of the project, we will touch on solutions to the problems of youth via entrepreneurship and particularly mass education. Also, It is planned to adopt social entrepreneurship for raising productive collaboration and fight against marginalizing and xenophobia as well as empowering entrepreneurship, increasing motivation, concentration, focusing and volunteer work with the help of mass Education.  Thus, we will finish communal differences by offering new ideas to encourage active citizenship among youngsters, youth leaders and youth workers and improve skills of participants with positive attitude and behavior.

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Youth Exchange

Life with Permaculture

24-31 August , 2015

Most of us are aware of that something is not going well in systems such as economy, politics, agricultural which are used extensively in today’s world.Problems such as pollution, wars, starvation, injustice are already in our life and they show us that we must take an action against them. Permaculturists prefer to develop solutions to the problems instead of thinking why systems have changed that much.

The main purpose of our project is to let youngsters learn Permaculture life and healthy diet, adopt natural life by increasing their skills and knowledge of things going on rural areas so they will learn how to live in natural life directly by themselves by experiencing it in our project.

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