Partnership-building Activity

31 May – 5 June 2017 | Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

This PBA “Values education through sport” is an opportunity for youth organizations working with sport and sport clubs/sport associations to learn more about Youth Exchanges and Youth Transnational Initiatives, as well as a meeting point to know good partners for future projects focus on sport. Recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders, Project managers, Representing a youth organization working with sport or a sport club or sport association and interested in organizing a Youth Exchange or a Youth Initiative focus on sport.

The objectives of the PBA are:
– To create a solid and trustable network of partners interesting in organizing Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiative focus on sport
– To promote Erasmus+ programme and its actions
– To foster sport as a tool for working Values education with young people

During the PBA, the participants will know better the profile and the way of working of the other participating organizations and will be able to work on a concrete project of a Youth Exchange and Youth Initiative focus on sport.

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Application deadline: 2nd April, 2017
Date of Selection: 11th April, 2017