Tuning In: to Learning and Youthpass

Training Course

19-24 February 2018 | Italy

This four-day training course provides practical support to facilitating learning in youth work activities, based on the concept of the Youthpass process.

There is a lot of learning taking place in youth work. There is also growing attention on how to make better use of that aspect of youth work, in the view of the societal developments affecting young people and the shifting views on learning and education as such. The facilitation of learning has become an increasingly important topic, with more and more youth workers facing the questions outlined above

The objectives of the training course are:

– To discuss the potential of learning in youth work;
– To help to raise young people’s awareness of learning in youth work projects;
– To develop ideas and practice tools on how to support the learning process;
– To give practical support to document and formulate the learning outcomes.


Detailed information and registration can be found here

Application deadline

15th November, 2017

Date of selection

30th November, 2017