Training for Heads of National Agencies

Date: 18th – 20th September 2018
Venue: To be confirmed

Total number of participants – max. 40
Target Audience – Heads of NAs, but may also include other relevant NAs management staff involved in business operations or human resource management

Aims and objectives of the training programme:

The implementation of the European Solidarity Corps will bring along new challenges for National Agencies particularly during the initial phase of its implementation; NAs having to run two separate programmes whilst dealing with issues that may arise with the outgoing EVS. There is a common understanding that we need to reorganise ourselves better to deal with any emerging needs, thus be in a position to address them in timely and effective manner. There is now also clarity that post year 2020 National Agencies shall be experiencing other challenges related to the new E+ programme. We shall also be welcoming the drastic increase in our budget to give more opportunities to young people to participate in the programme. This however in itself is a big challenge for the NAs. We shall be experiencing more submissions of applications; signing up of more contract; monitoring the implementation of additional projects; more checks and controls on beneficiaries; assessment of increased number of final reports etc. It is also understood that there will be more emphasis to measuring performance indicators in terms of outputs, processes and results and outcomes / impact to justify the increase in budget allocation.

Certainly we will be dealing with change, which may have an impact on the motivation of our staff and the programmes alike. NAs expressed their concern that bringing in new staff to cope with the increasing demand may be difficult to most of us, therefore the scope of this training is to offer Heads of National Agencies an opportunity to listen to external experts in the fields of change and operations management; and look into business processes which may require some restructuring and reengineering to make it simpler, while keeping procedures as much transparent as possible to ensure good governance.

Heads of NAs will have the opportunity to take part in facilitated discussions, exchange ideas and experience with current practices, and reflect on how new or revised practical approaches could be applied to the NAs context. The practical component of this training (80-90% of the programme) should enable participants to feel they’ve had access to good practice from different sources other than that we are usually exposed to within the network of NAs or the EC.

The training programme will continue to be developed with the ‘Preparation Team’ which is composed of: Simon Chambers, UK; Reet Kost, Estonia; Peter Kupec, Slovakia; Joseph Schembri, Malta (Host); and Petra Votockova, Czech Republic.

In the meantime the prep team would be interested to learn more about your personal / organisational expectations of this training, which will help us and experts in the field developing a high quality training programme which appeals to everyone.

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