Towards collaborative practice - European conference on youth work, social innovation and enterprise


24 -26 November 2015

Malmö, Sweden

This cross-sector European conference will provide you with the perfect opportunity to engage in a debate on what is within the capacity of youth work when it comes to social entrepreneurship support, to articulate the purposes and value of youth work to policy-makers and the public, promote youth work achievements in the field and explore the bridges that can be built with other entrepreneurship support structures/programmes and the business sector.
What’s in it for me?
This event is expected to be a forum for meeting and exchange, where you will be able to explore the role of different actors in supporting social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning in different European contexts, share your experiences, examples of good practice, and initiate or strengthen co-operation. You will grasp the connection between youth work, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning and social innovation by meeting a variety of experts and social entrepreneurs in dynamic settings. Through field visits of a wide range of social businesses and meetings with entrepreneurs you will gain inspiration for new projects.

You will get information, inspiration and plenty of networking opportunities. This will help generate innovative ideas and projects with a strong social impact in Europe.
Objectives of the conference

– Clarify and promote the role of youth work in providing entrepreneurial learning and supporting aspiring young social entrepreneurs;

– Create a common understanding of social entrepreneurship among youth workers;

– Map social entrepreneurship support structures/ actors/ policies/ programmes/ financial schemes at national and European level;

– Initiate and reinforce future cooperation between youth workers and other relevant stakeholders;

– Facilitate the sharing of practices and methods useful for social entrepreneurship creation and support;

– Promote “Erasmus+” contribution to supporting entrepreneurial learning and social entrepreneurship.


Application deadline: 21st June 2015

Date of Selection: 3rd July 2015

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This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.