A Tool for Youthpass

The Aim of this booklet is to help youth workers to familiarise themselves with Youthpass; understanding its purpose, who it is targeted for and why it is valuable. So far, the Youthpass certificate can be issued for  participants participating in projects under the Eramsus + Programme: namely, Key Action 1Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service, Mobility of Youth Workers and Key Action 3 – Structure Dialogue. This booklet also gives a brief overview of the 8 key competences.

At the end of the booklet you will also find the Youthpass Competence Development Tool, which was launched this year and adapted from the Competence Development Tool for Youthpass Contact Persons, provided by the SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Centre. The aim of this tool is to help youth workers to understand where they stand with Youthpass; how comfortable they feel using it; how they can improve their skills and transmit their knowledge to young people.

A Tool For Youthpass