TOOL FAIR XII - Waves of Innovation


6-10 November 2017 | Varna (Golden Sands Resort), Bulgaria

Tool Fair XII – Waves of Innovation shall provide a stimulating environment for innovative pedagogical approaches & practices to respond to the challenges of an everlasting changing context with a focus on the European Commission Youth Priorities for 2018.


– To enhance participants’ critical thinking in order to be able to respond to challenges of the evolving context, in line with European Commission youth priorities for 2018 (intercultural dialogue, participation in social and political life, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and employability, etc).
– To develop – also through innovative approaches, such as open pedagogies and digital practices – the quality and variety of Tools for Learning in the youth field.
– To contribute to the educational and experiential pathway of each participant, particularly in relation to the competences of creating and using such tools.
– To contribute to the SALTO Tools for Learning strategy via notably the uploading of various resources (tools, articles, publications) in one’s native language

Objectives shall be achieved through:

– The provision of a safe, inspiring and challenging environment in which to learn
– The provision of opportunities to share, discuss and experiment with Tools for Learning
– The provision of insights into current contexts and policy developments
– A variety of workshops and learning methodologies
– The introduction to approaches from others sectors
– The support to participants in a pro-active and challenging way
– The opportunity to connect the Erasmus+ programme with the culture of the host country.


Detailed information and online registration can be found here

Application deadline

17th July, 2017

Date of selection

1st August, 2017