Tool Fair IX

Seminar / Conference
3-7 November 2014 | Romania


The “Tool Fair IX” will be focusing on transferability and adaptation of tools in different sectors. The “Tool Fair IX” offers the opportunity to the people active in the fields of education, training and youth, as well as companies, public authorities, civil society organisations active in different socio-economic sectors to cooperate in order to share, transfer innovative educational tools to high quality teaching, training, learning and youth work.


Tool Fair IX aims:


-To further develop the quality of tools, according to the quality criteria of the overall tools strategy, with special focus on feedback of the tools as such and for their transferability.

-To give space to participants to share and experience educational tools developed and shape their own educational and experiential pathways, by facilitating and attending workshops.

-To engage participants in the further development of educational tools

-To contribute through the “Tool Fair” to the overall SALTO strategy on tools quality development

-To inspire participants to apply learning outcomes of the “Tool Fair” to their own reality and explore the potentials to use creativity to foster cross-sectorial approaches.


Why should you take part in the “Tool Fair”?


Participating in the “Tool Fair IX” will offer the chance to shape your own educational and experiential pathway, to run a workshop so as to share your tools with other colleagues from an international level as well as to participate in workshops run by others.
However, beyond experiencing a wide variety of tools, the “Tool Fair” aims to provide a space to reflect on tools, give and receive feedback and pave the way for their transferability and further development.


This way, the “Tool Fair IX” tends to contribute not only to the learning outcomes of each individual participant but also to the quality of educational tools and learning process on a European level, complementing SALTO-YOUTH Toolbox for Training and Youth Work ( and various publications on educational tools, in coherence with the European Training Strategy.


Application deadline: 10th September, 2014
Date of Selection: 22nd September, 2014


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