Are you intersted to be a participant in a local activity organised by the Maltese National Agency?

This section will give you an overview of the local activities organised by the Youth in Action Programme during 2011-2012.

Quality Markt – Project Management Gozo 11-13 November 2011
The aim of Quality Markt Project Management was to help participants improve the implementation of their Youth in Action projects.

Quality Markt – New Applicants Malta 16-18 December 2011
The aim of Quality Markt New Applicants was to increase the competences of new applicants with the ultimate aim of enhancing the quality of the applications submitted under the Youth in Action Programme.

I had heard about projects for youths being sponsored from Europe, but never really bothered to waste time to get reliable information. My excuse being that most probably it was an “adult thing”. Then one day I opened my University email and found an email from EUPA offering me the possibility to apply for a weekend workshop training course TCP New Applicants to understand exactly how and why these projects happen and who could make them happen. It sounded intriguing. The fact that the course would happen in a hotel, over the weekend and with minimum expenditure finalized my decision. I applied. I never regretted it!!

Apart from the hotel and buffets that made the experience that much more enjoyable, the workshop was loaded with information and opened a myriad of possibilities for an eager youth. The methods used to teach the youths and adults alike, were excellent per se. Forget the boring and tedious lectures. Every session was a surprise and a challenge in itself.

The results of that weekend were a group of new friends who inspired me with their respective works with regards to youths and volunteering and a plan that now I know would end up working much better than predicted.

By the following deadline Emergency Response & Rescue Corps’ youths had submitted three projects at one go. We were ecstatic when after the long wait, we received an acceptance letter for two out of our three projects. It was a great achievement for a group of first-timers.

Thanks to these two projects, this summer E.R.R.C. will be sending a number of its certified lifeguards to train in England and in Italy to get area specialization training. E.R.R.C. will also be training and giving the possibility to youths with disabilities to ride a bicycle and go regularly for rides. Plans are already underway to submit another two or maybe three projects by the next deadline. This opportunity we are being given is too good to miss…DANIEL SAID (ERRC)

Quality Markt – Self Development through YiA Malta 27-29 January 2012
The aim of ‘Quality Markt Self Development through YiA’ was to outline the learning process that participants of the Youth in Action programme undergo during their project.

Quality Markt – Sustainable Youth 24-26 February 2012
‘Quality Markt Sustainable Youth’ Training Course for Youth Workers and Youth Leaders was an opportunity to focus in depth on the evaluation, impact and follow up of projects.

Quality Markt – Coaching for Action1 25-27 May 2012
The aim of ‘Quality Markt Coaching for Action 1’ was to help participants develop their skills to assist better young people who are applying, implementing and/or concluding a project under Action 1.

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