Supporting Migrants through Education and Training

The Erasmus+ National Agency is hosting a Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) entitled “Supporting Migrants through Education and Training” between 30 October and 1 November 2018.


The main objectives include:

  • Provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge, good practices and experiences related to different aspects of Adult Education Erasmus+ projects, with a special focus on projects related to the field of migration and inclusion of migrants through education and training;
  • Analyse the needs of project coordinators at application stage including the full understanding of the main priorities in the Adult Education sector, the development of an internationalisation strategy and quality framework;
  • Elaborate proposals to improve the quality of project implementation;
  • Analyse the different aspects of the coordinators’ and mentors’ daily activity in relation to projects that target the needs of migrant communities as they provide personal support (ranging from support for learning purposes, social inclusion and integration) to all third country nationals and migrant learners, in light of the different potential and existing challenges;
  • Provide opportunities for networking and for the development of project ideas and the eventual writing of the application form

Main Topics of Seminar:

  • Erasmus+ projects in the field of Adult Education: priorities and objectives;
  • The 3 pillars of an Erasmus+ project: Needs Analysis, Sustainability and Impact;
  • Erasmus+ for migrant education and inclusion: the benefits and challenges;
  • The needs of project coordinators at application stage;
  • The needs and challenges faced by project coordinators and mentors during project implementation, with particular focus on the support required by third country nationals, migrants and their respective communities;
  • Enhance capacity building through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices;
  • Explore modes of enhancing impact of Adult Education Erasmus+ projects;
  • Explore possibility of developing collaborations for future projects;
  • Explore the use of EPALE for partner search and dissemination purposes;
  • Explore other promotional tools which can be utilised to enhance dissemination of Adult Education projects targeting third country nationals and migrant communities.

Expected results: networking and new partnerships, new project ideas for Erasmus+ Adult Education projects, draft applications and the eventual increased participation of migrant communities in the Erasmus+ programme.


Should you be interested in participating, you are kindly requested to reserve your place by email to Janelle Camilleri (  by no later than Friday 20th July.