Sports for Peacebuilding and Inclusion of minorities

Training Course
17-23 September, 2017 | Pamplona (Navarra), Spain

Sports for Peacebuilding and Inclusion of minorities is a training about diversity, about inclusion and about intercultural learning. Using sports as a tool and method we can achieve a more inclusive society and more peacefull environment for the future generations.

We are facing many challenges in the world: wars, migration, terror attacks and violence everywhere; but when it comes to sport, we see that people comes together and support teams of players or individual sports idols who show that through personal training and motivation, big goals can be achieved.

This training will be about motivation, about personal development, about conflict management, about empowerment of youth and all about sports.

The methodology used will be (among others)
• Workshops about tools for inclusion through sports
• Learning from each others’ experience and achievements
• Sharing good practises from the local-national work that each organization develops
• Experts inputs about conflics management and peacebuilding
• Case studies about the use of sports a an educational tool


Detailed information and online registration can be found here

Application deadline

23rd July, 2017

Date of selection

17th August, 2017