South Youth Lab


Training Course
21-24 May, 2017 | Mollina, Malaga, Spain

During this seminar, beneficiaries will have the possibility to meet with other beneficiaries and the staff of several National Agencies. On one hand, this could be a good opportunity to give feedback on the programme to the staff of the National Agencies. On the other hand, it could also be an opportunity to share best practices, and not so good, and even network with other beneficiaries.
So if you had a granted project in the previous years this could be a great opportunity to discuss about the Programme, contribute to improve it for the next three and a half years, spread the results and a way to try to influence the design of the next Programme.
Furthermore, it gives the NAs a chance to reach beneficiaries and provide important workshops in order to increase the quality in the projects.
The activities of this seminar will take in place in workshops and also in plenary.

Agenda and Registration

Detailed information including agenda and online registration can be found here

Application deadline

23rd April, 2017

Date of selection

5th May, 2017