Seminar-Youth work in a time of violent extremism

15-17 April 2015 | Oslo, Norway

This seminar will give participants a deeper understanding of violent extremism and concrete methods for working with youth in danger of being influenced by violent extremism.

This thematic seminar will investigate and compare different political, ethnic and religious forms of violent extremism which in recent years have appealed to young persons in Europe and its neighbouring countries.

The seminar programme will contain input from academics researching youth and violent extremism, young persons with a past impacted by violent extremism and youth workers with experience working with prevention for, and rehabilitation of, such youth.

Along with presentations of best practice examples from participants, the seminar will consist of lectures, discussions, group work and the sharing of experiences and challenges.

Contact for questions: Ståle Mats Sandberg E-Mail: Phone: +47 466 15 246.

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Deadline: 27th February

The application form can be downloaded from here