School Inclusion Units Study Visit

Study Visit

21-25 April 2015 | Leeds, United Kingdom

This project will look at how non-formal education and alternative education can be used to work with young people who are excluded or at risk of being excluded from mainstream education, and how these methods can be used to support their development.

Some schools in the UK have ‘inclusion units’ for young people who may have been affected by criminal activity, violence to staff or other pupils and behavioural issues which can, in turn, cause disruption within the learning environment. These inclusion units are often based on experiential learning.

This project will seek to take a cross-sectoral approach by inviting applications from participants currently working as teachers, or other school staff, social workers, youth workers in connection to a school, and people working with young people on a daily basis who have the possibility to implement projects or to be included in the implementation of projects in the future.

This project will be a study visit, training course and seminar, with a focus on linking professionals in order to share expertise, opinions and working methods. This will lead to a more collaborative approach towards fostering inclusion.

Application Deadline : 4th March 2015.

Date of Selection: 16th March 2015

For more information and to apply please click here.