RP 130/2014 - Call For Trainer - 'Presentation Skills'

The EUPA is receiving quotes for the engagement of a trainer to provide a training session on ‘Presentation Skills’. The training is being organised in order to enhance in particular the Communication’s Unit within the Agency with better presentation skills along with those of Programme Officers who are also often required to give presentations.

Ideally the training provided would cover the following:

1. To identify the presentation objectives;
2. To prepare effective presentation notes;
3. To increase presentation effectiveness;
4. To target the presentation according to the audience’s needs and expectations;
5. To handle questions in a professional manner.

It is also requested that the training indirectly tackles time management and takes a ‘hands-on’ and interactive approach.

An approximate of 15 participants will attend the training session which will be held at the EUPA offices spanning from 9:00 am – 12.30pm.

The session has to be held in September.

Kindly forward a quote including VAT by not later than 14:00hrs of Thursday 21st August 2014 to procurement.eupa@gov.mt