The Rhodes Youth Forum

The Rhodes Youth Forum

V Annual Session

Constructive youth participation in public life.
From individual initiative to joint collaboration.
On September 26-30th, 2014 the Rhodes Youth Forum for the fifth time will gather together more than 100 young people who are prone towards responsibility and constructive behavior in the current changes the contemporary world is undergoing. Debates with high level experts from various fields will touch on ways to support youth-led social entrepreneurship, youth diplomacy and education. One of the working days will be coducted jointly with WPFDC.

The Forum is an attempt to think about global challenges by putting a young person in the center of all our activities. The organizer of the RYF – the International Youth Time Movement – unites young leaders who show strong proactive behavior perfectly in line with the motto ‘acting not only in words but in deeds’. As a result, the full development and professional presentation of the project is the key condition for participation. Young leaders will get the opportunity to be supported by the Rhodes Youth Forum partners. The Youth Time Intellectual Сlub will provide the most viable projects with professional and expert consulting.

Fields of projects:

  1. Modern Learning Environment
  2. Youth Diplomacy and International Relations
  3. Social Entrepreneurship


1. Conference fee = 50 .

2. Accommodation costs are covered by the organizers.

3. Travel scholarships can only be granted in exceptional cases. This amount cannot exceed 50% ticket price or 350 Euro.

To apply for the Forum fill out online application form. Once you have finished online application form, you should register your project at and send Detailed project description to (Please study carefully project requirements to prepare your Detailed project description).

Deadline for applications is February 15, 2014

If you have proposals and suggestions you are welcome to send them to

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