Quality Monitoring and Evaluating the Youth Work in an Organization (QUMAYO)

Training Course

11-17 June 2014 | Izmir, Turkey


This training course is designed for individuals in the field of youth work so applicants need to be working in this field. At the end of the training course,participants will have sufficient knowledge on theory and practice of monitoring and evaluation.


In order to increase the positive results and multiply the outcomes of our work, quality monitoring and evaluation in projects are very crucial for youth workers.


This training course aims at introducing the theory and practive of quality monitoring and evaluation to the participants in an interactive manner, and to discuss different available methods for different purposes and their compatibility and relevance.


It is hoped that at the end of the proposed training course, participants will have sufficient knowledge on the theory and practice of monitoring and evaluation; first hand experience on different methods as well as available sources they may use for improving the quality of their evaluation and monitoring practices. The T-Kit on Educational Evaluation in Youth Work will be used throughout the training.


This training course is actually for individuals who are youth workers, youth leaders, coaches (in non-profit youth work), project coordinators/project managers, junior trainers, and non-profit mentors that are working/volunteering in small to large-size youth organizations.


Application deadline: 1st April, 2014
Date of Selection: 18th April, 2014


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Costs: This project is financed by the Youth in Action Programme. Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs involved in this project. The travel costs of Maltese participants are covered by the Maltese National Agency (EUPA).Please contact the Maltese National Agency (EUPA) to see how your travel costs are covered. A co-funding element of €10 applies for selected participants.