Artist For Europe Toolkit

This resource document outlines the training course & the activities/exercises/games that participants experienced on the youth exchange ‘Artist For Europe’ that explored social inclusion through Theatre, Dance, Music and Performing Art

Aims of the tool

The aim of this resource manual is for other organizations to have the tools to use Theatre, Dance, Music and Performing Art methodology in their work with young people and community groups.

Description of the tool

Artist For Europe toolkit is a collection of games/exercises of theatre, dance, music and performative art. They could be used separately. The main learning outcomes are: the ability to express ideas creatively through a variety of media, including music, performing arts, literature and the visual arts; awareness of their non-verbal language; to create a space for a comparison artistic and creative; To develop an awareness of themselves and their ways of relating; to promote contact and trust in others.

Artist For Europe – Performing Art Toolkit