Promoting Citizenship through European Cultural Heritage

EUPA is inviting you to participate in a Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) entitled “Promoting Citizenship through European Cultural Heritage” which is being organised by the Italian National Agency in collaboration with the Portuguese National Agency in light of the European Year for Cultural Heritage 2018. The TCA is being held in Palermo between 26-28 September 2018 (inclusive of travel dates).

The TCA aims at tackling the following themes;

  1. Cultural heritage and European Citizenships- strengthening European Identity.
  2. Education and Culture to fight radicalism.
  3. Heritage for all (heritage belongs to all, digital tools to broaden the access to cultural material)
  4. The role of the Mediterranean cultural area as a bridge to other cultures.

Expected results:

  1. Setting up future partnerships
  2. Raising cultural awareness among different stakeholders/beneficiaries
  3. Increasing international dimension of Education and Training

Kindly please note that travelling and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Maltese National Agency (EUPA).

Should anyone be interested in participating, he/she should send the application form to Janelle Camilleri (Janelle.camilleri@gov.mtby COB of Monday 2 July 2018.