We are searching partner for our Project STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP for SCHOOL. We are searching school the same roles and ages.

As Mustafa Özkan Anatolian High School, we want to carry out a project on dramatization. Our students are aged between 13-17. We have all the technological facilities at our school. There are nearly 400 students. Our school is in Kayseri, which is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and near Cappadocia.

Our project is about using dramatization in the process of language teaching. By this project we intend to realize two aims.

1.We seek to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures, languages and values. We believe it will help our students acquire the basic life skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active citizenship. They will also increase their awareness of other cultures, develop a respectful attidute towards them.

2. The project will also provide an environment for our students to use the target language. Via dramatization, the sudents will get the opportunity to speak out. Espeacially in our country, the pupils sometimes don’t appriciate the importance of learning a foreign language. Although they learn the grammatical rules perfectly, they don’t feel secure while communicating in the target language. With this partnership, we hope to solve that problem and to enable our pupils to exchange their language learning experiences with students from different countries. We believe that pupils learning the same foreign language can affect each other in a positive way and improve their willingness to learn more.

Our project will include writing plays, poems, etc. Thus we can cooperate and perform those plays together.


Contact PERSON:

Vasfiye KURKCU:  v-kurkcu@hotmail.com