Partners (schools) needed for KA2 project

We are looking for a partner for Erasmus+ KA2 and we are seeking:


If you want to be our partner in the project,please contact us as soon as possible:

The project summary is:

A good and healthy diet is a priority for each European nation. Feeding well its citizens is a public health duty for Europe, however, populations and particularly young people need to understand the stakes of reasonable and reasonable eating habits and to accept to be taught new habits or tastes.

Through this project, our students will discover other ways of eating, other cultures and ways of life and perhaps copy the positive patterns in their everyday life. The students will be more aware of the standardization of food.

We expect the planned activities to increase the sense of belonging to a European educational dimension by developing the knowledge and understanding of the diversity among students and teachers as a cultural value and not as a disadvantage.
All the four schools taking part in the project are situated in small towns or rural areas. Many of the students don’t live where the school is. They do not have the same chances of achieving success in life as those who come from the cities. Many of our students feel the need of getting into contact with students coming from other European countries and getting the chance to find similarities and differences between their own background and the one of other students. Not all the students have had or might have the opportunity to travel and develop better language skills. Taking part in this project will give them the chance to fulfill that need.
For more information contact:
Musa Tokmak


A mid – secondary school in Turkey teaching students aged between 10 – 14 is preparing a KA2 Strategic Partnership for School Education entitled ‘We Developed Our Skills, We Changed Our Lives’ for the applications with deadline 31st, March, 2015.

Objectives of the Project:

to ensure discovery and improvement of the talents of the students of secondary school with informal and non-formal learning models through improvement of cooperation between the school and the parents, and implementation of various games and plays, managerial activities, cultural, arts and sports activities, outdoor activities, techniques of verbal skills, problem solution and self analysis of senses without application of any intelligence tests on the students.

If you are interested and the profile of your school suits these priorities, please write me to with the partner information document duly completed.