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I’m English teacher of Atiker Secondary School in Konya-Turkey. Our school is a new one in Konya. 2013/2014 education term is the first term of the school. this year we have 220 students. we are 15 teachers with different branches. Our students are fromö 10 years to 13 years old. they are 5th grade and 6th grade. next year there will be 7th grades.

We want to join EU projects this year. I want to inform you about our project. we will work on Teaching Methods on English as a foreign language.

We try to bring a new methog to teaching English as a second language. In the countries which are using English as a foreign language, there are practicing problems. students don’t have much chance to use the language they have learnt. When people don’t use the language, they can forget it easily. Also, if they don’t understand why they learn the language, how that language combine a need, they can’t have interest that language. As a result of all negative situations, we want to make learning a forign language more ALIVE!!! Finally;


The topic of the project: ALIVE SIMULATION. Two techniques will be used in this method. One is staging and the other is Photo Story. Staging is related to speaking, creative thinking, acting; photo story is related to writing dialogues.

There will be a big classroom for ALIVE SIMULATION. there will be a stage with all equipments need. there will be a library only on English. When students are in this classroom they just speak English. There will be animations about English on TVs, lightening words in the room. on other side of the room there will be computers or students can bring their own computers and IPADs for creating computer games on English. After staging their topics, subjects, they start to write a photo story about it then they will print it as a newspaper or magazine to all school.


This is our project and all we need is partners.





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