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“Together we will be able to consummate our principles of action, share experience, do some sports, educate ourselves and organize events in prisons.”

The most relevant topics of the project are 1) EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy 2) Economic and financial affairs (incl. funding issues).

Through this project the recognition of non-formally and informally acquired knowledge and experience (as part of the policy of developing flexibility of higher education studies) is implemented. The project promotes the development, testing and implementation of innovative practices in the field of education, training and youth as well as encourages active citizenship and entrepreneurship. The target group of this project is young people from universities and high-schools. Two hundred such young people are expected to be involved in the project (100 from LV and 100 from Partner) in each semester.

The project takes place in Latvia and Partner Country. The main activity is the target group playing the intensive decision making game President.

For more information contact

Mareks Sarnovskis

Project manager

Latvia, Riga

Phone: +371 26374842,