Our Generation together we are one

Education Secretariet

Title: Our Generation together we are one
Organization: Education Secretariet
Activity Dates: 01.02.09 – 31.05.09
Partner Group: Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Lithunia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Czech Republic
Number of Maltese Participants: 0
Country: Malta

1.3 Youth Democracy Projects

The project, led by the Education Secretariat of Malta Labour Party, aimed at enhancing the participation of young people in the decision-making process implemented in the European Parliament. This was done by the partners primarily focusing on six issues namely:

• Youth action against climate change
• Economy/ Work/ Employment
• Education : Promoting creativity and innovation in our schools
• 16 year olds right to vote in EP
• Elections Poverty in third world countries / Millenium Development Goals: Reaching the targets
• European Institutions closer to us : Plan D and further action

The young participants gained better understanding of what other young persons’ needs are, and moreover they had the chance to bypass these needs to other European young persons and to a representative of the European Parliament. They had the opportunity to act as ‘ambassador’ representing other young people in forwarding their concerns, their say. “Continuous contact between all participating organisations is definitely not a difficult task with all the internet facilities available today!”

Target group: The project is addressed to young people on the concepts of empowerment, informal learning and capacity building

About the beneficiary: The Education Secretariat within the Malta Labour Party thrives to promote political education through seminars, workshops, training and other informal training tools to the public in general including youth, both on a local and national level