Open access for educational materials

Open access for educational materials, documents and media produced by Erasmus+


The EC has launched the Open Education Europa Portal  to increase the visibility of high quality open educational resources (OER) produced in Europe in several languages. It will be the gateway to European innovative learning. The portal, in the 24 official EU languages, is an online meeting place for learners, practitioners and educational institutions to access and share high-quality OERs produced in Europe. It will allow citizens to find resources in their original languages. The Commission invites European educational institutions to take advantages of this portal by linking to it to promote their own educational resources and practices. It connects with other related portals and platforms, such as Study Portals and e-twinning.


E+ includes (for the first time) an Open Access Requirement. This means that all educational resources produced by projects should be freely accessible through open licences. Project beneficiaries may be requested to demonstrate how they have ensured the application of such requirement, prior to approval of their reports.


Contrary to previous programmes, E+ does not include a specific action concerning ICT in education. This has now become a transversal priority for the entire programme.