"ONE 2 ONE" supporting learning face-to-face Training course

Training Course

28 May – 3 June 2017 | Budapest, Hungary

Have you ever felt confused about your role with the young people you work with? Do they see you as a coach? Mentor? Tutor? Can you work with groups, but find it difficult to work with individuals? Have you never had a tetralemma? YES?
Then this course is for you!

Context and background of this training course:

In several areas of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme, youth workers and trainers are increasingly required to be able not only to work with groups of young people but, also, to accompany individuals through the various learning and personal development processes on offer.

Although one-to-one dialogue may seem like an obvious and natural form of communication, many youth workers feel they need training in order to appropriately support young people through their individual development and learning processes.

We are very happy to invite you to apply for the third edition of this successful course, which will be held in the European Youth Centre Budapest.

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Application deadline: 24th March, 2017
Date of Selection: 6th April, 2017