GET IN NET Training Course on Management of a Transnational Youth Initiative Project

Training Course

10-15 March 2015

Czech Republic

G.I.N. is a Network Training course open to all 35 National Agencies of Erasmus+ Programme. This is a Training Course developed within the framework of Transnational Youth Initiatives of the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership) targeting young people (16-30) involved in an organization or informal group.

G.I.N. TC aims to improve international co-operation and consequently increase the quality of Transnational Youth Initiatives.

The course methodology is based on the concept of experimental learning, in a atmosphere where participants can learn from each other and feel empowered to initiate their projects.


Why participate in this training course?

We want to help you to develop and implement an innovative and successful youth initiative project for your community, under Key action 2, strategic partnerships.


What are the objectives of “Get in Net”?

1.To increase understanding about the “Transnational Youth Initiatives” under Key Action 2 within the EU programme “Erasmus+”, focusing on the field of Youth.
2.To develop competences for international and educational project management in the field of Youth
3.To support development of sustainable partnerships for the future Transnational youth initiatives
4.To provide support and guidance in the development of Transnational youth initiatives


Who can apply?

Young people between 16 -30 from any European country that are motivated to develop and implement an international youth initiative that promotes social commitment and reflects entrepreneurial spirit.


Application deadline: 30th January 2015

Date of Selection: 10th February 2015

Click here for more information about this training course and how to apply for it.

This call is open for Maltese nationals/residents who are members of or work with a Maltese NGO/entity/organisation/group.