MPOWERING U2 LEAD UTH! A training course on Leadership, Self-development and Project Management within Erasmus+ projects

Training Course
14-22 August 2014 | Mollina (Málaga) , Spain

This new edition aims to develop the potential of participants to become aware of their leadership capacity, working on their self-development in order to empower them to be effective leaders when working with young people in a non-formal environment.

During this course, participants will engage in a number of activities where they will gain an increased awareness of their leadership style and their priviledged role when working with young people. They will develop the skills, attitudes and approaches leaders require to impact positively on the lives of young people.
Main three blocks of this training are leadership, self development and project management.
The aims of this training are:

  • To assist participants in the personal self-development of their leadership competencies.
  • To enable participants to understand and trust their own ability to inspire young people.
  • To provide participants with good communication and group dynamics skills.
  • To explore the participants’ organisational skills and how these can be used to support young people in becoming more involved in extra-curricular activities in their community.
  • To discover the value of the Erasmus+: Youth In Action programme as a tool for the development of young people.
    This would be the 6th edition of this training, that has been already successfully carry on in Switzerland, Spain, Ireland and Portugal.

    Application deadline: 1st July 2014
    Date of Selection: 16th July 2014

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