KA1 PROJECT CALL / Art and Functionality - Common Utility

We are searching for partners for our creative social project, which will take place in the southeast region ! of Turkey, a city called Mardin. The project idea is to invite several young artists from different countries and build together a playground areas out of trashes for refugee children who lives inside and outside of the refugee camps.. Also we are going to organize a big wall for a mural painting to paint altogether with a theme of Peace. During the project there will be games, workshops, sightseeing, creating artistic pieces etc. The project activity dates are 1st to 16th of June 2015 and the project will take place in Mardin, Mesopoatmia, Turkey.

We will develop idea of recycling and upcycling. Transform common objects into art. Give the new form and function to useless items. The purpose is to make space for kids more cheerful and beautiful in artistic and ecological way. Also to spark in the locals and participants the idea of rebuilding, reconstructing and rearranging space without big financial background.

Participants:  5 youngsters and 1 group leader total 6 participants from 7 countries.Participants can be age 13-25 age average, the group leaders has no age limit

Project costs: Accommodation, Food, insurance and activity costs are 100% covered by the project.

Travel costs: will be reimbursed up to the some specified in the Guidelines for Erasmus Plus projects – you can check what would be your reimbursement on this website: http://erasmus-plus.ro/ erasmus-plus-distance- calculator-budget/m

Please send us your Mandate and Partner Identification form topaytexti@gmail.com not later than 31th of January 2015