KA1 Partner search

Partners from EU countries are required for a number of projects for Erasmus+ October 2014 deadline Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals.

We prepared several training courses. If someboy is interested being our partners please write on danielaalexeiciuc@yahoo.com.

Some information about projects:


Keep alive your success spirit! Portugal 22-30 January 2015 Training course will gather 30 young people and group leaders from different organizations based in EU, EECA, and Turkey with the aim to tackle the issue of Youth Unemployment. The main aim of the training course is to tackle youth unemployment problem, inform, motivate and enable young people to work on the topic in their countries as well as equip them with experience, knowledge and skills to easily involve in labor market. The project targets young unemployed people who want to start working and find a job.

Active citizenship-CHANGING FUTURE! 07-03-2015-16-03-2015 Romania is designed as a training course for youth workers, youth leaders and young activists to improve their work in the fields of European Citizenship, Active Participation of Young people, and Representation in Democratic Processes. It will involve 30 participants coming from 10 different countries from EU, EECA and Turkey and will take place in Romania. Nowadays, especially for young people, with the global crisis affecting the world, and the growing of unemployement, it’s difficult, especially for youngsters coming from certain disadvantaged areas, to feel part of Europe, and even more to be active citizens, involved in the social life of their communities and of Europe itself.


Youth Human Rights: knowledge, action and change” Romania 01-07-2015-08-07-2015 aims  to develop a common systematic approach to Human Rights education among the organisations working in the field of volunteering and to increase awareness on human rights among young people from different countries. It will influence a lot International voluntary service Movement in general and particularly it will help to improve the human rights situation in post soviet, former socialistic countries through beneficial exchange between participants of EU and non EU countries.

Vidiotization-changing future! Switzerland will be a training for youth leaders and young volunteers (also including unemployed) working with non-formal education to be held in Switzerland between 02-10 January 2015.

Agents of better future- prevent human trafficking 01.08.2014-09.08.2014 Costesti Moldova

The project objectives are to: develop the knowledge of HT in Europe and EECA;  generate and exchange best practices; develop competences and skills on designing effective programs on HR education and peace-building; introduce HR education as a powerful tool for youth trafficking prevention; stimulate development of HT prevention programs by young people at local and international; promote cultural diversity and unity as  indispensable for combatting youth trafficking; develop scenarios for creating short movies to raise awareness; encourage implementation of joint projects and activities; foster capacity building of participating  organizations; and create and facilitate a network for youth trafficking prevention.

Say Erasmus+ for a better world! 07-01-2015-16-01-2015 Costesti Moldova

Training course helps to develop skills which are essential for this kind of activity: working with different target groups, understanding the concept of intercultural learning, developing personal learning process in the context of non-formal learning. If the first part of training course is more general, the second part gets more concrete: first of all – what are the opportunities of Erasmus+ programme and developing participants’ knowledge of certain sub-programmes, also Youthpass as a important tool in valuing non-formal learning process is examined and introduced (and practicezised).